31-The Garden

One night I dreamt that I was in a small countryside where there is hardly any transportation. The only bus out of that town had left on scheduled and the next one could be hours away.

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One night I dreamt that I was in a small countryside where there is hardly any transportation. The only bus out of that town had left on scheduled and the next one could be hours away. Few of the citizens have cars, but they were busy going about their business. I felt a sense of urgency to get to someplace outside of this town before a certain time and I was nervous.

I waited at the bus stop hoping that a bus would show up, but after a few minutes, which seem like hours, I started walking in the direction that would seem to take me to where I need to go. I was not sure where exactly, but I know I must go now.

I called my wife who was still on the job to let her know that I missed the bus and I cannot find a ride to get to the place on time. I asked her if she will get there quickly and she said as soon as she finishes what she is doing, she will meet me there. As I walk, a few cars passed by but they were filled and could not take another passenger. Soon afterward, an opened-back van was going in my direction; I asked for a ride and the driver stopped to pick me up. I got into the back and we went on the journey.

Again I was not exactly sure where I was going, but I know that we need to get there before a certain time, if not we would be in great danger. Not everyone was in the same sense of urgency; some were going about their daily routines; others were almost ready, but show as if they have a few things to accomplish before they would get to the destination. I even passed some people going in the opposite direction.

After what seems like an hour ride, the driver finally let me off near a hillside. I quickly started climbing the hill and noticed that a big hole was on the hillside, and that was the only way to get over to the other side. I called my wife to let her know that I had reached and to find out if she was near here, but she was still at the office and stated that I must go on, she would follow shortly.

I started towards the entrance of the hole and noticed that it sloped upwards and the entrance was very dark, but there was a faint light at the end of what looked like a tunnel. I started to walk in the tunnel, going up. As I climbed the light got brighter as I go. After much walking and climbing for about 20 minutes, I was at the exit which seems like a small hole.

I climbed out of the hole and noticed that I was on a beautiful lawn; the place was so bright and beautiful, it looked like I was in another country. There were children and adults playing on the lawn and in the gardens. The trees were beautifully kept and arranged like an orchard. In the distance, I could see what looks like a city or palace, and the garden which stretches for miles upon miles. Everyone looks happy and dressed in new clothes; they were conversing with each other as if they were not aware of what was going on where I came from. I walked around a little and noticed that the exit had vanished. I wondered if my wife would find me; if she had left the job and knows where to come? I noticed that I did not have the cellphone, and did not know how to reach her.

Revelation 21I started to walk towards the city and watching the children play as I go. I wondered if this is what they called heaven? The place was beautiful beyond anything that I could imagine. The walls of the city were white and seem so high. Some of the trees were as high as the walls. There were no clouds in the sky or the sun, but the day was bright and the temperature was like cool summer day. I was happy to be there. I woke up from the dream as I was walking through the garden going towards the city.

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wow,, sometimes a dream can be so real yes? Sometimes though it ca nbe a warning also to be reay and not get too involved in our jobs and temporal life here and be prepared for Jesus second oming . It seemed to me this mans wife was too bz at her Job to leave and be with her husband,. Can it be our careers are more imporatnt then our Relationship with our spouse and evediently God also?

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