27-Song Service

1) A Little More Oil In My Lamp
2) Amen, Amen….
3) Behold I Live For Evermore
4) Everybody Have to Know Who Jesus Is
5) Fe-me, Fe-me, Fe-me
6) Give Me That Old Time Religion
7) Glory Glory, Halelulla.
8) Halelulla, Praise He The Lord
9) Have You Heard of the Advent Church
10) He Got the Whole World in His Hand
11) I Am a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N
12) I am Going Home O The Morning Train
13) I Am Gonna Sing Sing..
14) I Am Gonna Sit at The Welcome Table
15) I Am So Glad, I Have Salvation in Town
16) I Feel Like Running, Skipping
17) I Love Him Better Every D.A.Y.
18) I Want a Revival in My Soul
19) If You Are Happy and You Know It, Say Amen
20) If You’er Happy
21)  It Soon Be Done
22) It’s A Bubbling, It’s A Bubbling
23) Jesus is Alright
24) Mine Mine Mine – Jesus is Mine
25) My Head, My Shoulder, My Knee, My Toe
26) Oh How I Love Jesus
27) Oh, What a Glory
28) Real, Real, Christ So Real to Me
29) Some Day. Some Sweet Day
30) Something In My Heart Like a Stream
31) Stand Up and Tell Me If You Love My Jesus
32) Swing Low Sweet Chariot
33) Thank God I Know Who Jesus Is
34) We Are Dwelling Together
35) What Do You Think About My Jesus
36) When The Saint Go Marching In
37) You Better Get Right With God.

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