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Angelic Visitation

It was in the year 1997;  I was teaching a Taekwondo class for a friend of mine at his evening school on the 2nd floor of a building on Atlantic Boulevard near US1, in Pompano, Florida. I had just become a baptized Christian; my family and I just came back from San Antonio where I was introduced to Christianity, and I came back to Florida deciding to follow Jesus. I started attending churches and studying the ways of Christ. I decided to commit my life to the understanding of the gospel and to teach the gospel to others. The process for that evening was as usual: we teach the kids Taekwondo and when finished, we would close up the windows, my friend and owner of the school would go around to the back to flush the toilets and lock up the windows on that side of the building. This was during the summer when at 7:00 pm, the evening sun was still out and so it was not yet dark.

On this same evening, we were doing the same usual procedure at the end of the class. I walked up to the windows on the west side of the building to shut them. These windows were facing a Taco Bell shop that I could see the roof from the second floor.  On the south side of the building was a Plaza with a number of business places. The north side of the building has two small windows over both restrooms and the east side had a wall with mirrors for training. As I went over to close the windows to the west side, I looked up in the sky and I saw a little black dot very far up in the sky moving very fast. Faster than any supersonic jet I have seen. It was so far in the sky that I wonder what this was and why is it moving so fast. It was so fast that by the time I could count to four, the little dot started getting bigger as it came closer to me. The little dot got bigger and quickly came into my direction and immediately stopped in front of the window where I was. It was in the form of a man and it was about 30 feet from where I was standing.

This man had on a white robe and I could see his face, hair, his neck, and his hands, but I could not see his feet. His hands and neck were like a very dark-reddish tanned – similar looking like bronze. His eyes were blue and his face shaped like a Caucasian; however, his skin was like bronze. His chest was approximately 4 feet wide and his height was approximately 12 feet. He looked straight at me without blinking. I looked back at him for a few seconds then he moved towards my left, which was going to the south side of the building, while he was still looking straight at me as he was moving. I noticed that the portion where his feet would be were very fluid as he moved. He went to the south side windows, then he stopped as I was moving over to go towards where he was; he came back to the window where I first saw him. He paused and looked at me again and then move towards the north side of the building. There are no windows on that side of the building, only two small bathroom windows, so I stood there for a second wondering if the person is coming back again, but he never came back and as I wondered what I had just experienced, I looked down in the street over to the building where the Taco Bell shop was to see if somebody else saw what I just saw; if so, they would be looking up at me, but no one was looking up. I went over to the south side of the building to where the plaza was and look to see if anybody in that area were looking up to where I was, but everybody was just going about their business. No one was looking up.

So I then asked myself if I am the only one who just saw this person. What does this mean? I kept wondering about the size and appearances of the person I just saw: his chest, bronze skin, blue eyes, and black hair. I kept wondering why I had experienced this visitation. Then after about 5 minutes my friend, who was in the back, came towards me. I was so amazed by what I had seen, I even forgot to mention what I just saw, but I said to him, “We don’t even know what is out there in this world. We see things going and come but we all have no clue as to what is going on. We see supersonic jet pass with very high speed, but we don’t know that there are other things out there that are a hundred times faster than these jets. In this world, there are other species that are here, but we cannot see them, or some of us cannot see them, but they are here.” These were some of the conversations I had with my friend as we descended the steps to go to our cars and then to go home.

It is over 25 years since it happened and I can still remember what happened as if it was yesterday. Within the first few years that it happened, I kept looking up into the skies to see if I would see a similar occurrence, but I never did see anything similar again. I kept wondering what was the meaning of this angelic visitation, but no answer. I believed that if it would be revealed, it would be revealed in its own time. Also during the first few 6 years, I did not mention this incident to anyone, because they would not believe me. I think it was about 8 years thereafter that I was at a birthday party they were having for me. I was in a group of men from the church who were talking about what it would look like when Jesus is coming in the air, and then without realizing what I was about to say, I said to them, “…  that it would be just like when I saw an angel with supersonic speed came in front of me from way up in the sky, and that’s how they will be coming back; in a similar fashion”. Everyone was taken aback by my statement and from the look on their faces, they wondered if I was still sane. It was only then that I realized what I had said and that I had never mentioned it to anyone.

Since then, little by little, I kept giving my experiences of what I had seen that evening only to those who are trustworthy and have faith in believing that all things are possible to those who trust in Jesus. I mentioned it to some of my relatives, church friends, and family members. But not to a lot of people because of the stigma of unidentified flying objects and other sightings that are questionable by others. But recently my daughter suggested that I write out my experience and put it together with all of the other articles in my blog. That is why you are reading about it today.


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