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79-John 3 16 Explained

Posted by on Jul 30, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

John 3:16 Explained Carlton Foster – July 28, 2020 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” A friend of mine who belongs to a certain religious organization said that the word “world” in John 3:16 is specifically […]

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78-What Should I Do Today?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

What Should I Do Today? Carlton Foster – July 18, 2020 Have you ever wake up one day and ask yourself this question, “What should I do today?”  Throughout the week we have been very busy, and today – the end of the week, it seems so natural that I must find something to do.  […]

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77-The Next Step In Our Life

Posted by on Jul 18, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

The Next Step in Our Life Carlton Foster – July 18, 2020 I can’t remember distinctly the activities of my early childhood, but I remembered this scene when I was in class with my 3-year old classmates; the teacher would help us to repeat our ‘ABC’s. I remembered liking the break periods where we would […]

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76-Fundamentals of the Gospel

Posted by on May 24, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

Fundamentals of the Gospel By Carlton Foster – May 23, 2020 My first real work experience when I graduated from high school was at a construction site on the east side of the same high school. They were creating some more classrooms, so I went to look for a handyman job to earn pocket money […]

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75-Humans Who Threaten Others are Normally Evil

Posted by on May 09, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

Humans Who Threaten Others are Normally Evil  By Carlton Foster – May 9, 2020 I was watching a documentary on TV about a movie where the New World Order is been acted out – showing how the future will be with the implementation of the New World Order. I noticed that the authorities and the […]

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74-The Events of the Coming of Jesus

Posted by on Apr 11, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

The Events of the Coming of Jesus Carlton Foster – March 28, 2020   I like to listen to many sermons on the same topic, so I would spend many hours flipping through the sermons on the Internet with the same topic. I do this because I want to hear the different pastor’s perspectives on […]

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73-Freedom of Conscience

Posted by on Mar 28, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

What is the Christian Freedom of Conscience? By Carlton Foster – March 27, 2020 I remembered a few years ago, a stranger from out-of-town came to our church and was teaching some interesting Bible Studies. Some of the local leaders did not like that because they did not know this stranger and they were not […]

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72-Jealousy is not Sinful

Posted by on Feb 15, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

Jealousy is not Sinful By Carlton Foster – February 15, 2020 Just a few days ago I was reading a Christian article where the author said Jealousy is a sin!  The article said, “Lucifer feels jealous of Christ. Lucifer was envious and jealous of Jesus Christ.” The article continues to say, “Jealousy is such a […]

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71-Judgment Day – Day of the Lord

Posted by on Jan 25, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

Judgment Day – Day of the Lord   The “Day of the Lord” is the same event as “Judgment Day”.  This event is reported in Revelation 16.  It starts like this: “Then I heard a mighty voice from the Temple say to the seven angels, “Go your ways and pour out on the earth the […]

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70-More about the Antichrist

Posted by on Jan 18, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

More about the Antichrist By Carlton Foster – January 18, 2020 The word “Antichrist” first appears in the New Testament part of the Bible, in 1 John 2. He gave a warning to us by saying, “Dear children, the last hour is here. You have heard that the Antichrist is coming, and already many such […]

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69-We Do Wrestle Against Flesh and Blood

Posted by on Jan 04, 2020 in category: Bible Messages

We Do Wrestle Against Flesh and Blood By Carlton Foster – January 4, 2020 I have heard this Bible verse (Ephesian 6:12) being quoted many times, and it is normally done when a Christian is being afflicted by some unexplainable maladies; and to put the unexplainable situation into context and to offer some explanation, Ephesian […]

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68-Redefining Love and Marriage

Posted by on Dec 21, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Redefining Love and Marriage by Carlton Foster – December 21, 2019   I just listened to two presentations on the topic of love and marriage, and realized that for centuries we were trained to believe these definitions, but with all this information, we are still falling short of the requirements to fulfill meaningfully the concept […]

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67-Main Messages in Bible Studies

Posted by on Nov 23, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Don’t Miss the Main Messages in Bible Studies – The Nehemiah Story By Carlton Foster – November 23, 2019 After reading In Nehemiah 10:28 to 37, I noticed that the main lesson from the story is about the covenant relationships between God and His people; they must agree that the places and methods of evangelizing […]

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66-Wearing Jewelry? So What!

Posted by on Nov 13, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Wearing Jewelry? So What! By Carlton Foster – November 13, 2019 There are many books, sermons, videos, and discussions on the issue – should God’s people wear jewelry? I have searched the Bible for any mention of the word gold, silver, adornment, pearl, ring, necklace, pierce, platting, braided, etc. I have also listened to many […]

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65-What Is The Spirit of The Law?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

What Is The Spirit of The Law? By Carlton Foster – November 8, 2019 The “Spirit of the Law” is the essence and purpose of the law – the reason why the law was established. This applies to the “design laws of God” and also to the laws created by governments.  The ways-of-the-law is the […]

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64-Are You Really Converted?

Posted by on Oct 29, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Are You Really A Converted Christian? by Carlton Foster – October 29, 2019 How do you know if you are a converted Christian? We will look for answers in the Bible. Conversion is important to receive the blessings of God.  Jesus gave us an idea who we are, “For this people’s heart is waxed gross, […]

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63-Why Do People Argue So Much?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Why Do People Argue So Much? By Carlton Foster – October 21, 2019 People argue because they are exercising their normal tendencies to be punitive. We are quick to inflict or punish a person that you in your mind realized or perceived that somebody did or say something wrong. You as the judge and jury […]

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62-No Confrontation

Posted by on Sep 24, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

No Confrontation By Carlton Foster – September 24, 2019 Christian should avoid confrontation! There are many examples in the Bible which show that it is best to stay away from confrontation. The first one that I will point out is when the Jews wanted to kill Jesus as shown in Matthew 26:3, “Then the chief […]

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61-Angelic Visitation

Posted by on Sep 14, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

Angelic Visitation It was in the year 1997;  I was teaching a Taekwondo class for a friend of mine at his evening school on the 2nd floor of a building on Atlantic Boulevard near US1, in Pompano, Florida. I had just become a baptized Christian; my family and I just came back from San Antonio […]

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60-Why Do Some People Fail?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2019 in category: Bible Messages

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE FAIL: In their Christian Experience?  When and how did some of us fail with this new birth, this newness of life? Why do some people fail in their Christian experience? We no longer do active work for God, we do not actively witness to others for the sole purpose of winning […]

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