3-The Great Debate: God Does or Does Not Exist?




Over the years humans have debated this topic over and over again. They refer to evidence to prove their point. The Atheist used evidence to prove that God does not exist, and the religious persons use evidence to prove that God does exist. Why evidence? Are we conditioned to one train of thought so much so, that we believe that evidence is the valid proof? There is another method to get to the answer to this question.
jesus-5Let’s put away the evidence; let’s use something else. What is that? Let’s use what we have and able to use and that is our thoughts, brain, and mind – that is intelligence. We know that we exist because we communicate and you know that. With that first premise we can conclude that we have understandings and can reason rationally. This is what we must use to answer the question: God Does or Does Not Exist?
With our intelligence we will add the power of deduction – that is to come to a conclusion based upon process of elimination or separation. Which is also the action of grouping things. The first grouping is inferior vs superior. We can deduce (by our personal preference – which differs from person to person, cultures, and locations) that a 1-gigabyte computer processing speed is superior to a 16k computer. With this type of grouping, we can use similar deduction to proceed to answer the question.
If we humans can think, create, communicate, then we must be intelligent. If we can make a 20 stories building from stones, iron, and other material and a lion cannot, then we are superior to the lion. However if we cannot make a DNA, or give life to a dead person, then something is superior to us humans. We know DNA exists; also we know life exists, but we cannot manage them or bring them into existence whenever we desire, therefore, something who made these things to appear before us (existence) has a superior quality than us.
Now if you look at the ability of the human: we talk, laugh, cry, eat, sleep, entertain, work, etc, etc. We display these characteristics, but we are inferior to something that made DNA to exist before our eyes. Let’s say the superior group that makes the DNA coding is called “G”; then “G” exists or existed and has made DNA with all its complexities. If we humans can make a house, destroys it, and can build another one, then we can say that we have the ability to make a house exists or not. If “G” can make DNA or life (just like humans can do with a house), then “G” has the ability to make life exists or not.
Let’s look at some of the things “G” made that humans did not: atoms, gases (oxygen, etc). With these “G” made mud, trees, flesh, wind, light, and living things with complex DNA coding. Humans did not made these. Therefore, “G” is superior and “G” exists. The great debate is to prove if “G” exists. From our deduction, “G” certainly exists. We could have named “G” “B” or “D”, or even “God”. We humans have the intelligence to do that, so if “G” is called “God” then God exists and is superior to humans. This is the answer to this debate.

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