41- What Is Sin?

What Is Sin?

                                                                                                            Carlton Foster – 8/14/2016

Sin is the transgression of the law (1 John 3:4). Transgress is to do something that is not allowed (Webster Dictionary).  Now, who set the rules of this something?  If we start with God, he sets many rules, laws – written and spoken that we should not do or allowed to do. Next we have kings and leaders of many countries who also setup laws; next we have many cities and towns who enacted laws; we have many companies, organizations, and groups who established laws. Next we have many families who have their own rules and regulations where there are somethings that are not allowed. When someone violates these rules, they have sinned against the leaders (or body of people) who established these rules.

When a child who has a curfew set at 9:00 pm, but the child transgress that rule and comes in at 11:00 pm, that child has sin against that parent (or whoever sets the curfew).  When a driver runs a red light, that driver has sinned against the city (groups of people) who passed that law. When a citizen commits treason. That citizen has committed a sin against the leaders of that country. When a person murder another person, that person has committed sin against God who said “Thou shall not kill”.  We read where Adam and Eve did something that was not allowed. They sinned again God.

The Bible said the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).  Wages denotes a weekly activity, or activities that reoccurs more than once. When we violate a law more than once, according to Bible we will die. What is dying? The dictionary said dying is fading, vanishing, disappearing, or decaying. Eventually to permanently disappear.  Sins committed many times will result in the fading away of the individual or the object to eventually disappear permanently.

There are many examples where people died because they sinned against God. People are executed for breaking the laws of the land. Many people disappeared – incarceration because of their sins against the city or town. Many family members are not together, they are dysfunctional, shattered as a result of sin against each other – doing something that was not allowed within the family.  Whenever a spouse slowly withdraws his or her affection from the other, or when a child withdrew from his or her family, it is normally because of one sinning against the other.

Sin is a measuring stick to measure or check where we are within the confinement of the law. If you are law-abiding, honest, and just, your sinful actions will not have any effect on others, but others with much sinful tendencies can affect you. Death, fading away, or disappearing affect us all (honest or not).

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